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Organized alphabetically by series. You may notice much has changed. There used to be nearly 400 pieces of fanfiction archived here, from the "early years," as I called them. They are mostly gone, because I hated them. I've grown a great deal as a writer, and my style/tastes changed accordingly. Looking through those old fics after all this time... it was bittersweet. I had some good times writing those pieces, but they also made me cringe. 12+ years is a long time in fandom, and though my "glory days" are far behind me, anything I do in the future... well, you know how it is.

Some fics actually hurt to pull down. "White Blindness," "Blood Soaked and Honor Bound," "Days and Minutes," and other early-ish pieces helped make some very precious friendships and were the cornerstones of my happy times living with fandom. But it was time for a change; I don't connect with fandom the way I used to. Gone are mailing lists, archive requests, and old-school maintained fanfiction pages. Automated archives, journaling websites, and other new toys are constantly changing how things are done -- and I'm just too busy to keep up. I know I sound nostalgic, and I'm probably taking the "good old days" of internet fandom way too seriously, but these 400 fics symbolized a lot of things for me. They meant week-long discussions about an episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, cutting class to brainstorm lemon fics with my best friends, laughing because my hotmail account was constantly bursting at the seams with messages, showing my girlfriend the latest I'd written.... I'm sorry if I took down your favorite fic, but I'm afraid it's gone and it won't be coming back. All that remains are the scant few pieces I don't completely despise; a feeble representation of what was once offered here. 1996-2006, my god, and this is all I could bear to leave. Wow. For 2006-present, please head to furafura!SKIP.

It hurts a little, even though I'm more than an adult with a fortuitous professional and personal life. All the same, this is something I felt I had to do.

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The Boar's Revenge
Spoilers for the Adonis episode.


Kanda gets his ass kicked, and Lavi takes his name.


To the Dogs
"And that's why we can't pay the rent."

Guilty Gear

Ky is pretentious, Sol is an asshole, and I am very, very sorry. [R]

Hikaru no Go

Sunny Holiday
Taking Touya to Shibuya would be like throwing a cat into a pit full of dogs.

Hunter x Hunter

Vengeance Like Nectar
He hasn't forgotten, he just doesn't think he's remembering well enough.

Tools of the Trade
Leorio encounters a peculiar Nen-user.

Height of Fashion
Leorio, Kurapika, and some metrosexuality. (The tie Kurapika keeps ragging on appears in the episode in which Leorio is ambushed during the fourth stage of the Hunter exam.)

It will be the hardest thing he's ever done.

The Domesticity Arc
It started as a semi-serious Christmasfic for Sage Willow. A sequel was the result of popular demand, and then something happened, and more fics appeared, each more off-beat and sarcastic than the last. Is it finished? Who knows? I make no apologies or excuses; it just IS. XD
(Post-series LeoPika, ignoring later bits of canon. Rating is PG overall.)
And a White Picket Fence
Or Something Like It
In Sickness and in Health
Something Blue [R]
Enough to Go By [R]
In Love and War [R]
Coming Out [R]
By Design
Housewarming [R]
Reality Bytes
Note: The arc continues over yonder.


For simplictiy's sake -- and Tazendra's. (The Phoenix Guards, post-novel.).

Samurai 7

Kambei, Katsushiro, and rice.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Miki, post car-duel. (Guys seriously, WTF am I doing trying to write for Utena?)


A Winter Afternoon
Alec is easily bored once Richard starts practicing.


Lip Gloss
Gou hated it when Taki brought women home. (see also: Thin Walls, companion-piece by Trixie.)

Yu Yu Hakusho

Echoes for Tomorrow
Hiei says goodbye. Or rather, he doesn't -- and that's how they knew it was goodbye.


Spelunking for Sanity