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News ; April 24th, 2010

Major overhaul, in which I did some... housecleaning. However, I didn't take down all of my fanfiction, just 97% of what was written prior to 2006 and archived here. There is plenty more fanfic for some of these fandoms -- e.g. HxH, HnG, and Gintama -- on my ficlog. Hell, you can probably still find some of them floating around on other websites if you look hard enough. The thing about the Interweb is that we can never truly hide from our shameful fandom pasts.

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This archive is closed. That means it will never be updated again. Broken links will remain broken, lost fics will remain lost, etc.

However, I still write fanfiction, and you can find it...

... by watching my LiveJournal,
... or, by reading my ficblog.