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Bathe Obscenely or Not At All

I'm Mina Lightstar and I'm a lame dork. Hobbies include anime, manga, (primarily fantasy) novels, video games, and raping villagers. When I was younger, I entertained the thought of becoming a published author and writing for a living. Then I realized that mostly, I wanted to make other people's creations have sex with each other. Thus, the fanfiction archive. All original content is © me, unless otherwise noted.

It's difficult to define what title I'm currently squealing loudest for, as it changes with varying frequency. However, long-time favorites include the early "Final Fantasy" games, Yu Yu Hakusho, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Hikaru no Go, and Hunter x Hunter. I've been an avid animanga fan since the early nineties, a reader and a gamer for even longer, and I've been on the fanfiction scene since 1997. My writing is a constant work-in-progress; in general, the older it is, the worse it is.

For the curious: I'm a bilingual, bisexual Canadian living in a shack with my husband, some beavers and polar bears. Boy, is that awkward when my girlfriend comes over.

Momentarily Commune With Nature

When I'm not whipping my harem around, I fangirl like whoa over at Spelunking for Sanity, my Dreamwidth.

I'm warmfuzzy and friendly and I like people except for when I don't. Feel free to talk dirty to me.