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The Site

I interact with fandom primarily through the reading and writing of fanfic. As the focus of this site is fanfiction, you won't find any general information, image galleries, or in-depth essays about a series' characters.

This is a fanfiction archive, and it is presupposed that you have knowledge of whatever anime, manga, book, or video game you happen to be seeking fic for. "Major" spoilers are often, but not always, noted. I'm sure I have missed some somewhere. In general, it's a good idea to read/watch/play before reading the fic.

As for output, at one time I was infamous for my prolific writing. This has changed in recent years, but recently I've chosen not to keep the evidence of my "wild years" on this site. I'm sorry you missed it; it was epic.

The Layout

The current (and likely permanent) version of this archive was designed entirely by my gracious webhost and friend, LN Tora. It features swanky PHP/CSS and my favorite season. Also, I've been wearing a lot of orange and brown lately.

The Disclaimers

This is a fanfiction archive. For the uninitiated, let me cover my ass explain what that means. It means that I make no claim whatsoever to the characters, concepts, or storylines of any given series.

I don't own them; I don't profit in any way, shape, or form from writing fanfiction. My rewards are C&C from readers and the joy I get out of writing. All of the stories archived here are FANWORKS, and no disrespect is intended to the creators.

So. We've established that I do not own the series I write about. I do, however, own the individual plots and ideas -- and the words, yes, the words -- in the fanfiction. The text and original ideas are copyrighted to me, myself, and I: Mina Lightstar.

The Warnings

Apparently, long and detailed warning pages are so 2002. Plus, things keep changing on me and I'm too lazy to update this page each time that happens. So, let's get down and dirty.

All you need to know is that this fanfiction archive contains stories that range from gen to gay. There isn't much here anymore, and I am unapologetic for the content. The Internet has changed drastically, so I'm trusting you with your "back" button.

If that's not your cuppa, here be your ticket out.